Wood Xcruci8 Puzzle, Vaclav Obsivac


Xcruci8 puzzle. Vaclav Obsivac workmanship on each puzzle is so fantastic that we cant even begin to describe it. Each piece is made with loving care as if the master craftsman was making them for royalty. There is full range of puzzles from very small to extremely large puzzles. Made of rich variety of wood, this very difficult puzzle is comprised of 8 pieces. Puzzle size is approximately 8 cm, 3.2 in. The goal is to take apart the pieces and then pu[…]

Xcruci8 puzzle Toys Games
Xmas Star puzzle Toys Games
Xmas Star

The Yak Puzzle. The Yak might be an intimidating beast, but Puzzle could prove to be tough nut to crack as well. Made from resistant 3mm nickel plated wire and brass for the diamond shapes, The Yak Puzzle requires you to remove the handle from the frame and then put it back to its starting position. very challenging puzzle from the designer Dick Hess, who has created other interesting wire puzzles, like the Brontosaurus or The Whale. From our own brand[…]

The Yak Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
The Yak Puzzle
Things I Ate As A Kid puzzle Toys Games
Things I Ate
As A Kid

Yankee Ingenuity The Tavern Puzzle Collection. Cleverness of design using available resources. Clever thinking needed to solve it. Tucker-Jones House[…]

Yankee Ingenuity The Tavern Puzzle Collection Toys Games
Yankee Ingenuity The
Tavern Puzzle Collection
Yellow puzzle Toys Games

Yellow Red Blue Kandinsky puzzle. Museum Collection. The great, historic materpieces on show in major museums today become unique, elegant, prestigious and incomparable jigsaw puzzles. The most fascinating images, quality printing, precise fitting, strong and rich materials; All these things define CLEMENTONI’S HIGH QUALITY COLLECTION. An elegant puzzle line designed for those who have passion for details. Clementoni uses recycled materials and avoids using polluting co[…]

Yellow Red Blue Kandinsky puzzle Toys Games
Yellow Red Blue
YJ Elephant 2x2x2 Blue Body puzzle Toys Games
YJ Elephant 2x2x2
Blue Body