Wood Word Towers of Hanoi Puzzle

Word Towers Tower of Hanoi

Word Towers of Hanoi puzzle. This unique multi challenge puzzle presents 3 difficult Word Puzzles also the standard Tower of Hanoi along with 2 far more challenging variations using Twin Towers of Hanoi. The 3 Towers are each made of different 1/4 thick hardwood, deeply laser engraved and with fine lacquer finish. The largest wheel diameter is 3.7 . Base Dimensions are 4 x 12.6 x .5 Made in Hudson, Florida. Word Towers design by Dave Janelle, copyright Creative[…]

Word Towers & Tower of Hanoi puzzle Toys Games
Word Towers Tower
of Hanoi
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The Toy Shop puzzle. Imagine strolling through town and coming upon this treasure trove in charming brick building. Not only are the treasures spilling out onto the sidewalk, but some wink at us from among the upstairs flower boxes. Every mode of fun transportation and loads of games are displayed in the window, while the open door beckons us in to browse and buy. 550 pieces. Approx. 24 in x 18 in, 61 cm x 46 cm White Mountain Puzzles. Artist[…]

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Toy Story puzzle. Join Woody, Buzz, Rex, Hamm, and friends on Andy s bed in this 100-piece Toy Story puzzle for ages 6 and up. For over 100 years children have loved Ravensburger puzzles: with the ideal sizes, piece counts, and images for every age. The high quality using sustainable materials is world renowned. Ravensburger puzzles teach children valuable skills while making learning fun! 100 Pieces Ages 6+, Approx. 49 cm x 36 cm, 19.5 in x[…]

Toy Story puzzle Toys Games
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Trail Error puzzle. At first, this seems to be just little jigsaw puzzle, and it is, but it’s tricky one, and that’s just the beginning of the solving experience! When you are finished putting it together, can you successfully walk the trail when it’s done? Pavel’s 10 frac12;-year-old nephew handily solved his version of this one; can you do as well with yours? 64 pieces, acrylic, about 11 inches square assembledManufacturer’s Difficulty Rating: ÔśůÔśćÔść[…]

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