Wood Six T Puzzle

Six T Puzzle

Six T Puzzle. The objective of the Six-T-Puzzle is to pack the 6 identical T-shaped pieces into the box so that nothing sticks out of the box. There are three different solutions. Shipped unsolved with one T-shape sticking out of the box. Playing time: 10, 15 minutes[…]

Six T Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
Six T Puzzle
Sixpack puzzle Toys Games

Sixel with box puzzle. Vaclav Obsivac workmanship on each puzzle is so fantastic that we cant even begin to describe it. Each piece is made with loving care as if the master craftsman was making them for royalty. There is full range of puzzles from very small to extremely large puzzles. Made of rich variety of wood, Puzzle is comprised of 6 pieces in which the goal is to make cube inside the box using all the components. Puzzle was Edward Hordern Puzzle E[…]

Sixel (with box) puzzle Toys Games
Sixel box
Sixes puzzle Toys Games

Skeleton Ride puzzle. SunsOut quality puzzles that are eco-friendly with soy-based inks on recycled board. 1000 Pieces. Approx. 69 cm x 50 cm, 27 in x 20 in Made in USA, SunsOut, Jim Todd[…]

Skeleton Ride puzzle Toys Games
Skeleton Ride
Skewb Kite Black Body puzzle Toys Games
Skewb Kite Black

Skewb Kite White Body puzzle. The Skweb Kite is made from high quality white plastic. The object of Puzzle is to scramble up all of the colors and then return it so that each face only has one color on it. Puzzle is unique because there are 12 faces with each face being kite-like shape with two larger pieces and two smaller pieces, making it quite interesting to solve. The Skewb Kite was designed by Tony Fisher, from the United Kingdom, who has been making puzzles s[…]

Skewb Kite White Body puzzle Toys Games
Skewb Kite White
Skewb Ultimate White Body With 6 Color Fluorescent Stickers puzzle Toys Games
Skewb Ultimate White
Body 6 Fluorescent