Wood Pharaoh's Bane Puzzle

Pharaoh’s Bane

Pharaoh’s Bane puzzle. This puzzls is made of 20 balls that are joined into the four pieces that make up the puzzle which, when put together, should make pyramid. Made of beech and Cassia-siamea-wood. Base 11 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm, Height 8.5 cm4 puzzle piecesAges: 6+Author: Markus Gotz[…]

Pharaoh's Bane puzzle Toys Games
Pharaoh’s Bane
Philadelphia Phillies MLB Pennant Shape puzzle Toys Games
Philadelphia Phillies MLB
Pennant Shape

Philos Puzzle Edition. stunning collection of Philos puzzles that are all based on the shape of cube. The set includes twelve puzzles:AndromedaAquariusCentaurusDracoGeminiHerculesLupusOrionPegasusScorpiusTaurusPerseus All puzzles and the case are made in high-quality Samena wood. You are sure to find puzzle to suit any mood on this set. Philos is German puzzle manufacturer that started in 1996 as manufacturer and distributor of toys. They make wide variety […]

Philos Puzzle Edition puzzle Toys Games
Philos Puzzle Edition
Picasso puzzle Toys Games

The Piece puzzle. The aim of Puzzle is to place both balls on the same loop of string. Design: Stewart Coffin Level 4/5.

The Piece puzzle Toys Games
The Piece
The Portral puzzle Toys Games
The Portral

Pig Kumiki puzzle. This Kumiki shape brain teaser wooden puzzle designed to resemble Pig. In Japanese the word kumiki means joining wood together and refers to varieties of wood craft. In the puzzling world it refers to 3D interlocking wood puzzle that resembled familiar shape like buildings, vehicles and animals, not just abstract shapes like spheres and cubes. Tsunetaro Yamanaka from Japan was the first craftsman to develop the figural wooden interloc[…]

Pig Kumiki puzzle Toys Games
Pig Kumiki
Pill Box Puzzle Nesting Mazes puzzle Toys Games
Pill Box Puzzle
Nesting Mazes