Wood Our Common Goal Puzzle

Our Common Goal

Our Common Goal puzzle. This 1 player game is made of hevea and samena wood. The aim is to place the 16 pieces of the same shape with 7 different patterns in the case to make all the pieces fit and make one design. Philos is German puzzle manufacturer that started in 1996 as manufacturer and distributor of toys. They make wide variety of wooden puzzles, as well as some less common strategy games, playing cards, and dice. Designed by Logan Kleinwaks.

Our Common Goal puzzle Toys Games
Our Common Goal
Outback with Cover puzzle Toys Games
Outback Cover

Outta Gas puzzle. Popular Playthings Age: 8+ Outta Gas! is an entirely new type of slide puzzle. It’s three-dimensional, has incredible detail, and features special flip-up building that covers the traditional open space. The end result is complete miniature gas station with vintage cars, gas pumps, office, and service bay with floor lift, workbenches, and oil drums inside. After you’ve arranged the cars and pumps to solve the twelve challenges on the ba[…]

Outta Gas puzzle Toys Games
Outta Gas
Oval Office puzzle Toys Games
Oval Office

Owl in Cage puzzle. The puzzle’s goal is to remove the Owl from its cage. […]

Owl in a Cage puzzle Toys Games
Owl in
Owl Night Long puzzle Toys Games
Owl Night Long

P puzzle. Consisting of stylized versions of the letters ‘P’ and ‘A’, this packing puzzle presents two challenges: first, you can try to pack the pieces as shown in the picture, with one of the pieces left out of the central frame area. The second problem is to take all pieces out of the puzzle and put them into the main frame area, leaving the smaller area empty. Made in laser-cut wood by Jean-Claude Constantin. Jean-Claude Constantin lives in G[…]

P and A puzzle Toys Games
P and
Pack Six puzzle Toys Games
Pack Six