Wood N522 Puzzle


N522 puzzle. The shaped tracks in the puzzle display like an N, 5 or 2, hence the name of this series of puzzles that is available in different sized grids. This particular version of the series features 4×4 grid of pegs and channels. Your objective is to free small metal ball from the maze through the exit hole. accomplished by maneuvering the wooden sliders around the fixed metal pegs until the opening is clear of obstruction. nbsp[…]

N522 puzzle Toys Games
Nagel Trick Box puzzle Toys Games
Nagel Trick Box

Numero Caro puzzle. Vaclav Obsivac workmanship on each puzzle is so fantastic that we cant even begin to describe it. Each piece is made with loving care as if the master craftsman was making them for royalty. There is full range of puzzles from very small to extremely large puzzles.

Numero Caro puzzle Toys Games
Numero Caro
Octagon AC Small puzzle Toys Games
Octagon AC Small

Nur 4 puzzle. very challenging puzzle that consist of 3 layers. Two layer contain 4 acrylic pieces and one layer contains 3 pieces. All of the pieces show parts of digit or are parts of the black bottom. You can move all the pieces within layer or you can move it from one layer to the other. Now mix up the puzzle and try to arrange them from 1 to 4! Made in laser-cut acrylic and stainless steel by Siebenstein-Spiele. Based in Munster, Germany, Sieb[…]

Nur 4 puzzle Toys Games
Nur 4
Nur 8 (Only 8) Color Anodized puzzle Toys Games
Nur 8 Only
8 Anodized

Octassembly puzzle. Puzzle consists of 6 pieces, 3 sets of 2. The object is to stack the blocks in such way that they form an octahedron. The puzzle requires some imagination! beautiful handmade high quality wood puzzle by designer Bill Sheckels. Material: ZebraWood[…]

Octassembly puzzle Toys Games
Octic I puzzle Toys Games
Octic I