Wood Meffert's Wooden Pyraminx Puzzle

Meffert’s Wooden Pyraminx

Meffert’s Wooden Pyraminx puzzle. The Pyraminx was the first puzzle to be produced by Meffert s. The Pyraminx was invented in the early 1970 s, by Uwe Meffert. When it was invented it was simply an interest, but worldwide success of the Rubik s Cube brought the Pyraminx into production. It still captures peoples fascination. The Pyraminx has so far sold over 90 million copies world wide, making it the second most popular puzzle in the world ever.This deluxe wooden pyram[…]

Meffert's Wooden Pyraminx puzzle Toys Games
Meffert’s Wooden Pyraminx
Megaminx puzzle Toys Games

Mechanical Model Amber Box Limited Edition puzzle. UGEARS feature easy-to-assemble wooden pieces and gears that actually move that will bring delight to novice Made with laser-cut high quality plywood, there is no glue required to assemble these intricate masterpieces. Detailed step-by-step color instructions are provided in 10 languages. The Amber Box is mechanical puzzle, which means it is not just pretty fancy item, but smart mechanism. To set it in motion, you need to[…]

Mechanical Model Amber Box (Limited Edition) puzzle Toys Games
Mechanical Model Amber
Box Limited Edition
Melting Blocks Puzzle (Redstone Box) puzzle Toys Games
Melting Blocks Puzzle
Redstone Box

Merlin puzzle. Puzzle has been produced exclusively for Puzzle Master by Pelikan.Please note that wood color may vary. Puzzle was crafted in Europe with absolutely fantastic quality. Each of the puzzles of Pelikan design are unparalleled in their class! Every piece of the puzzle is precisely cut and very well made; you cannot find its equal anywhere else. The diversity in wood makes each puzzle unique masterpiece. Designed to accompany the Arthur and […]

Merlin puzzle Toys Games
Merlin's Laboratory puzzle Toys Games
Merlin’s Laboratory

Mermaid Adventures 2 x 24 piece puzzles. Includes 2 x 24 piece puzzles. Preschoolers love puzzles! Work together to assemble all of the pieces to reveal Mermaids visiting their sea creature friends in their tropical and polar environments. Two puzzles for twice the fun! These puzzles include mini posters for image reference and patterned back sides for easy separation. We have created the perfect selection for your pint-sized puzzlers, featuring engaging designs and Ravensburg[…]

Mermaid Adventures 2 x 24 piece puzzleToys Games
Mermaid Adventures 2
x 24 piece
Message in a Bottle puzzle Toys Games
Message in