Wood Little Trick Puzzle

Little Trick

Little Trick puzzle. The puzzle consists of three simple pieces trapped in frame. While you play with the elements, you have full visibility on what happens inside the frame. The more difficult part of Puzzle is the reassembly. Try setting aside the pieces for week or so and then try to put it back together! Made in combination of Bubinga and Maple woods. Puzzle was crafted in Europe with absolutely fantastic quality. Each of the puzzles of Pelikan design a[…]

Little Trick puzzle Toys Games
Little Trick
Lo Shu Square puzzle Toys Games
Lo Shu Square

Local Bookstore puzzle. There is no friend as loyal as book, dream that you hold in your hand. Have leisurely browse through wonderland like this before they all disappear . While you re there you can even enjoy tea and cake how could it be any more perfect than that? Reference, fiction, travel, gardening, and whole section dedicated to children who we hope will be the future of shops such as this. 1000 pieces. Approx. 24 in x 30 in, 61 cm x 76 […]

Local Bookstore puzzle Toys Games
Local Bookstore
Lock 64 puzzle Toys Games
Lock 64

Logic Land puzzle. It’s palace puzzler! The prince is in the library, the dragon is next to the queen, and the wizard is NOT in the tower. So where is the king? Use deduction to discover the regal whereabouts and solve 40 charming challenges. Think logically and you’ll be rewarded royally! Contents: 40 puzzles 7 magnetic characters Rules of play Tin travel case Ages: 8+Players: 1+ Brainwright[…]

Logic Land puzzle Toys Games
Logic Land
Logix II Signature puzzle Toys Games
Logix II Signature

Logs Pack puzzle. The Logs Pack puzzle is clever puzzle with an elegant solution, and makes wonderful gift for any visual thinker!This packing problem puzzle has total of 8 cylindrical pieces where 7 of them are inside the wooden frame and one is inside compartment on the side of the wooden frame.There are 4 different pieces, 2 of each .The object is to rearrange ALL 8 pieces so that they lie flat inside the frame.

Logs Pack puzzle Toys Games
Logs Pack
Long Island Catch The Tavern Puzzle Collection Toys Games
Long Island Catch
The Tavern Puzzle