Wood Lineart Puzzle


Lineart puzzle. Two wooden pieces can fit in the lower compartment as shown. Doing so brings down the piece labeled ‘LineArt’. The acrylic slider can be used to move the other numbered pieces left and right. The objective is to scramble the numbers, then return the, to their original positions. Additionally, you can try to move the ‘LineArt’ piece from one side of the puzzle to the other. Made in laser-cut wood, acrylic, and stainless steel by Jean-Cla[…]

Lineart puzzle Toys Games
Link It puzzle Toys Games
Link It

Lion in the Cage puzzle. The puzzle’s goal is to remove the Lion from its cage.

Lion in the Cage puzzle Toys Games
Lion in the
Lion's Lair puzzle Toys Games
Lion’s Lair

Lions puzzle. Trefl has been doing its best to satisfy the tastes and expectations of puzzle lovers. Made with high quality and environmentally friendly materials. 1500 pieces. Approx. 85 cm x 58 cm, 33.5 in x 23 in Trefl Puzzles.

Lions puzzle Toys Games
Little Farm Girl puzzle Toys Games
Little Farm Girl

Little Genius 6 Pack puzzle. The Little Genius is the easiest version of the Happy Cube Family. It has been especially created for children between the ages of 3 to 7. These cubes are easy to build and the two-tone foam gives extra visual stimulation. To improve the recognizability for the little ones and to stimulate their command of language, we put symbols such as nature, animals and emotions on the puzzles.

Little Genius 6 Pack puzzle Toys Games
Little Genius 6
Little Hug puzzle Toys Games
Little Hug