Wood Jail Break Puzzle

Jail Break

Jail Break puzzle. Made of wood, metal and acrylic, this intriguing puzzle requires you to free the ring. There are several balls trapped inside the bottom layer of the puzzle which can be viewed through the transparent acrylic layer and hint at more difficult solution than it may first appear. Made in laser-cut wood by Siebenstein-Spiele. Based in Munster, Germany, Siebenstein-Spiele was founded in 1992. Although the company is mainly known for board gam[…]

Jail Break puzzle Toys Games
Jail Break
Jailed Block puzzle Toys Games
Jailed Block

Jerusalem puzzle. Some of the greatest stories every told are depicted In this glorious painting of the ancient city of Jerusalem. In the center is the Holy Temple Mount, and on the horizon in blazing sunset are the crosses on Calvary. Enjoy the depth of this painting and the history and tradition that it represents in puzzle. 500 Pieces. Approx. 16 in x 20 in, 41 cm x 51 cm, Eric Dowdle Dowdle Puzzles.

Jerusalem puzzle Toys Games
Jester puzzle Toys Games

Jigsaw Puzzle 29. Jigsaw Puzzle 29 was awarded the Jury Honorable Mention at the IPP38 in San Diego. Fit all 29 of the Jigsaw Pieces into the tray provided. How are you able to fit 29 pieces into 5×5 grid??? There are also 5 corner pieces in this puzzle! The pieces are made from acrylic and although they look like standard jigsaw pieces not traditional jigsaw puzzle. Please note that acrylic colors may vary slightly. Originally made and designed by Yuu A[…]

Jigsaw Puzzle 29 puzzle Toys Games
Jigsaw Puzzle 29
Lamb Wooden Jigsaw puzzle Toys Games
Lamb Wooden Jigsaw

10 Piece Penny Coin Jigsaw Puzzle. Made from United States currency, creator Jeremy Barrett has been creating Coin Jigsaw Puzzles for over 10 years. Using hand saw and saw blade only .0021 thick, he can cut most any coin into an interlocking jigsaw puzzle. Using bright uncirculated coins fresh from the mint, he hand-cuts one piece at time, cleaning fine dust and wax off each piece with brush and Q-tip, and them reassembles with the help of tweezers. Sold in small plasti[…]

10 Piece Penny Coin Jigsaw Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
10 Piece Penny
Coin Jigsaw Puzzle
12 Piece Dime Coin Jigsaw Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
12 Piece Dime
Coin Jigsaw Puzzle