The Imaginarium Puzzle

The Imaginarium

The Imaginarium puzzle. Cannot wait to start this 1,000 piece puzzle! Antique books and weaponry, knights armor, old-fashioned diving helmet, Aladdin s lamp, model cars and plane, Victor Mature, butterflies, shells, wheels gears, few exotic birds, wizardry and lizardry, and wait hellip; hellip;are those gargoyles? bit steampunk, bit goth, altogether fun, funky and loaded with awesomely detailed memorabilia. 1000 pieces. Approx. 24 in x 30 in, 6[…]

The Imaginarium puzzle Toys Games
The Imaginarium
The Lady or the Tiger Book puzzle Toys Games
The Lady or
the Tiger Book

Impossiburr puzzle. Puzzle Master is one of the exclusive seller of these puzzles. Designed by Oskar van Deventer. Six pieces go together to form this Escher-style triangle. Try and solve this impossible puzzle![…]

Impossiburr puzzle Toys Games
In Full Bloom puzzle Toys Games
In Full Bloom

In the Aquarium 3 x 49 piece puzzles. Shark bait, ooh ha ha! Three 49-piece puzzles depict Nemo and his captive friends in their tank in the dentist s office. Assemble the pieces to reveal your favorite fish from Disney Pixar s Finding Nemo. For ages 5 and up. For over 100 years children have loved Ravensburger puzzles: with the ideal sizes, piece counts, and images for every age. Their high quality is world renowned. Ravensburger puzzles teach children valuable skills whil[…]

In the Aquarium 3 x 49 piece puzzleToys Games
In the Aquarium
3 x 49
In the Ocean puzzle Toys Games
In the Ocean

India Rails puzzle. Mayfair Games Age: 10+ Another in the Empire Builder system, India Rails features the exotic land of India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and parts of Pakistan. Build tracks from Bombay to Calcutta, cross the Thar Desert, and pick up and deliver gypsum, indigo, jute and rugs. An additional twist to the game is the special rules regarding pilgrims. India Rails is bookcase game with puzzle cut map.

India Rails puzzle Toys Games
India Rails
Inner Mystic Wondrous Journey puzzle Toys Games
Inner Mystic Wondrous