Super Geranium PLUS Puzzle

Super Geranium PLUS

Super Geranium PLUS puzzle. Geranium is series of extremely challenging 2D twisty puzzles, originally designed and manufactured by VeryPuzzle since 2013.Features of the new design:1. larger disk for better turning2. improved part design3. new stylish design of overall shape4. solid lubricant used5. large fillet on covering/base board, better accessibility when playing The Super Geranium plus is large puzzle made from combination of optical acrylics, 100% virginal […]

Super Geranium PLUS puzzle Toys Games
Super Geranium PLUS
Super II Black Body puzzle Toys Games
Super II Black

Super Square 1 Star Black Body DIY puzzle. The Super Square 1 Star is made from high quality black plastic. The object of Puzzle is to scramble up all of the colors and then return it back to its original starting position. For this star shaped puzzle, the outside pieces spin around as well as the inner pieces, making it quite difficult to solve. Also, the do-it-yourself feature allows for you to customize your color pattern however you like. one of many great puzzles from Super[…]

Super Square 1 Star Black Body DIY puzzle Toys Games
Super Square 1
Star Black Body
Superman Retro Slim Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
Superman Retro Slim

Supernova Metal Puzzle. Made of sturdy anodize metal, the Supernova puzzle will keep you guessing as to how to the object out of its cage. Don’t get too frustrated trying to get ou the object, remember to be patient. No forcing needed.

Supernova Metal Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
Supernova Metal Puzzle
Surface puzzle Toys Games

Superstar puzzle. Vaclav Obsivac workmanship on each puzzle is so fantastic that we cant even begin to describe it. Each piece is made with loving care as if the master craftsman was making them for royalty. There is full range of puzzles from very small to extremely large puzzles.

Superstar puzzle Toys Games
Tetrahedron 2 puzzle Toys Games
Tetrahedron 2