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Sticks puzzle. Puzzle appears to be stack of 16 sticks, stacked in 4 layers. But looks are deceiving and Puzzle actually consists of 4 separate pieces. The objective is to take them apart and then of course reassemble them. An challenging and exquisitely made puzzle brought to you by Bill Sheckels.Material: Birdseye Maple and Toasted Ash[…]

Sticks puzzle Toys Games
Sticky Ends puzzle Toys Games
Sticky Ends

Stomachion Archemedes Puzzle. The Stomachion is perhaps the world’s oldest puzzle and it is very difficult to solve. It is attributed to Archimedes of Greece . The 14 acrylic precision cut pieces ,1/4 thick, will make square and also many other interesting shapes, with each shape requiring all the pieces. It comes with 19 other shapes that can be made beyond the square. Mathematician Bill Cutler determined in 2003 that there are 536 unique ways to assemble the squa[…]

Stomachion Archemedes Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
Stomachion Archemedes Puzzle
Streichholzbox puzzle Toys Games

Submarines U Boats puzzle. The underwater world, ever fascinating and dangerous. Learn about these fantastic engines that are submarines like USS Virginia, USS Typhoon, U-99 and K-141 Kursk. More than 20 submarines are Illustrated on this puzzle. Strong, high quality pieces made from recycled board and printed with vegetable based ink.This superior quality puzzle will delight and educate all at the same time. 1000 pieces. 19.25 in x 26.75 in, 49 cm […]

Submarines & U Boats puzzle Toys Games
Submarines U Boats
Sudoku Bunt puzzle Toys Games
Sudoku Bunt

Sudoku puzzle. Puzzle offers Soduku fans something quite special. Soduku is logic puzzle using the digits 1 thru 9. Each 3×3 grid within the puzzle can only use the digits 1 thru 9 one time each; and each row and column of the entire puzzle can only use the digits 1 thru 9 one time also.The entire game is made from wood including the pegs and comes with solid wood cover to protect the pieces. On one side of the pegs the numbers are white, and on the o[…]

Sudoku puzzle Toys Games
Sugar Shack Horses puzzle Toys Games
Sugar Shack Horses