Southern Pacific Puzzle

Southern Pacific

Southern Pacific puzzle. The Southern Pacific is full steam ahead along the coastline, passing between green mountainous landscapes on clear blue sky day. Each and Every puzzle from Cobble Hill is crafted to museum-quality standards, using the finest inks and varnishes. Each puzzle features linen textured paper and premium grade blue board, and uses 100% recycled chipboard. The pieces are random-shaped, which means our puzzles are more interesting to assemble b[…]

Southern Pacific puzzle Toys Games
Southern Pacific
Space Explorers puzzle Toys Games
Space Explorers

Space Rail Special Level 2, 3, 4, 7 puzzle. Click on the individual puzzle name to get more descriptive view of each puzzle: Space Rail Level 2, Space Rail Level 3, Space Rail Level 4, Space Rail Level 7,[…]

Space Rail Special Level 2, 3, 4, 7 puzzle Toys Games
Space Rail Special
Level 2 3
Space Shuttle Take Off puzzle Toys Games
Space Shuttle Take

Spanish Alphabet Sound Puzzle. This 27-piece wooden puzzle pronounces each letter in Spanish! Just place piece correctly to hear clear, crisp voice say the name of each letter and word that begins with its sound. With raised pieces that are easy to grasp and colorful pictures to reinforce the letter sounds, this self-correcting activity is perfect for introducing new words or practicing Spanish-language skills. Requires 2x AAA batteries.

Spanish Alphabet Sound Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
Spanish Alphabet Sound
Kyoto Cubing puzzle Toys Games
Kyoto Cubing

Special Box 503 4TR 1SQ lid puzzle. The object of Puzzle is to assemble the 8 pieces inside the cube shaped frame. The solution is the same as the Three Wedges, but the pieces are packed in beautiful box with lid.Difficulty: 5 out of 5Solution included. Vaclav Obsivac workmanship on each puzzle is so fantastic that we cant even begin to describe it. Each piece is made with loving care as if the master craftsman was making them for royalty. There is full range of puzzles […]

Special Box 503 (4TR+1SQ lid) puzzle Toys Games
Special Box 503
4TR+1SQ lid
Special Box 508 (8TR with lid) puzzle Toys Games
Special Box 508
8TR lid