Sleazier Jewel Case Edition Puzzle

Sleazier Jewel Case Edition

Sleazier Jewel Case Edition puzzle. There are just four pieces to fit into tray that’s clearly way oversized for them. How hard could that possibly be? It pays to keep this puzzle’s name in mind… Note: Tray and piece colors can differ from those in the photo. Made of acrylic.

Sleazier (Jewel Case Edition) puzzle Toys Games
Sleazier Jewel Case
Sliced Bread puzzle Toys Games
Sliced Bread

Slide Elox puzzle. The attractively contrasting wooden frame has 8 different colors around its edge and holds 8 acrylic pieces embedded with color anodized metal cylinder segments. The objective is to slide the pieces within the grid until all colors match with the sides of the frame. There are eight different starting positions with varying difficulty levels, which are included on an instruction sheet with the puzzle. Made in laser-cut wood and stainless[…]

Slide Elox puzzle Toys Games
Slide Elox
Slideways Cubic Dissection puzzle Toys Games
Slideways Cubic Dissection

Slideways Metal Puzzle. Made of sturdy purple anodized metal, the Slideways Puzzle will disassemble into three simple, identical pieces. When combined, they form three dimensional symmetrical cross shape. classic puzzle which is perfect for fledgling puzzle lover or for the collector. Once discovered, the solution is satifyingly addictive movement that will have you playing it again and again. Original design by Ray Stanton and Puzzle Master metal collection.

Slideways Metal Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
Slideways Metal Puzzle
Sliding Box puzzle Toys Games
Sliding Box

Sliding Pieces Puzzle Bamboo Shoot Village. The packaging for Puzzle has japanese text with some english on it. Japanese popular snack becomes difficult and playful, 3D puzzle. Move the pieces around, without bumping into one another, so that they are either facing inward or outward. No answer sheet given so you will have to figure this one out for yourself.

Sliding Pieces Puzzle Bamboo Shoot Village puzzle Toys Games
Sliding Pieces Puzzle
Bamboo Shoot Village
Smart Puzzle 3 Pack Accessory Kit puzzle Toys Games
Smart Puzzle 3
Pack Accessory Kit