Rotational Professor Pyraminx Puzzle,

Professor Pyraminx

Professor Pyraminx puzzle. The Professor Pyraminx is made from high quality black ABS plastic body. The idea of Puzzle is to scramble all 4 faces and then return is so that each side only has one color on it. Puzzle is extra challenging because not only is it made 5 layers deep, but each edge consists of 9 pieces side by side. The Professor Pyraminx was designed by Timur Evbatyrov who was born in Russia, and now lives in Germany developing fiber lasers. His inter[…]

Professor Pyraminx puzzle Toys Games
Professor Pyraminx
Punana Split puzzle Toys Games
Punana Split

Puppy Fun puzzle. Each jigsaw puzzle is produced on thick, quality board perfect for mounting and framing. 550 pieces. Approx. 18 in x 24 in, 45.72 cm x 60.96 cm Made in the USA by Vermont Christmas Company[…]

Puppy Fun puzzle Toys Games
Puppy Fun
Puppy Pail 350 Piece Family Pieces Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
Puppy Pail 350
Piece Family Pieces

Puppy Pail 400 Piece Family Pieces Puzzle. What family could resist this Puppy Pail pile-up? Adorable golden retriever pups playfully take over the apple pail. Must be tough job, one wee pup is plumb tuckered out! Kids and adults alike will enjoy this Family Puzzle 400 piece that emits wholesome goodness. Family Puzzle Collection, Puzzle contains 3 different piece sizes so that beginners and experts can work on it together. 400 pieces. Approx. 68 cm x 49 cm, 27 in[…]

Puppy Pail 400 Piece Family Pieces Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
Puppy Pail 400
Piece Family Pieces
Puppy Party puzzle Toys Games
Puppy Party

Purple puzzle. This special 1000 piece puzzle by artist Shelley Davies celebrates all things Purple. It’s one in series of seven puzzles that make up rainbow theme. Ribbons of the word, purple are spelled out in multiple languages, along with vintage knick knacks and pencil with the artist’s name on it. Purple, indigo, or violet, however one calls it, Puzzle is full of majesty. The Rainbow Collection is unique puzzle designed and photographed exclus[…]

Purple puzzle Toys Games
Puzzle Blox 6 Sided Modern Art puzzle Toys Games
Puzzle Blox 6
Sided Modern Art