Pillowed Master Pyramorphinx black body Puzzle

Pillowed Master Pyramorphinx black body

Pillowed Master Pyramorphinx black body puzzle. The Pillowed Master Pyramorphinx is made from high quality black plastic body. The object of Puzzle is to scramble all of the sides and then return it back to its starting position. Puzzle is extra challenging because as it is scrambled it changes shape, so not only do you have to put all of the colors on the right face, but you also have to bring it back to the original shape. The Pillowed Master Pyramorphinx was designed by Tony Fishe[…]

Pillowed Master Pyramorphinx black body puzzle Toys Games
Pillowed Master Pyramorphinx
black body
Pink puzzle Toys Games

Pinned WL puzzle. This wooden jigsaw puzzle will have you wracking your brain as to how to take it apart and put it back together. The pieces are well made and fit together quite well. The pieces are made from Walnut Wood Made by Keith Winegar[…]

Pinned WL puzzle Toys Games
Pinned WL
Pinocchio puzzle Toys Games

Pinwheel puzzle. unique and beautiful Creative Crafthouse design made from 3 different hardwoods. There are 2 puzzles to solve: Challenge #1, arrange the tiles such that all 9 blades add to 20, including the number on the frame. Challenge # 2, disregard the numbers on the frame and arrange the inner tiles such that all blades add to 15. There will be 3 different woods in the puzzle and may include hard, curly or birds eye Maple, Cherry, Mahogany, Wa[…]

Pinwheel puzzle Toys Games
Pionir Pyramid puzzle Toys Games
Pionir Pyramid

Piper’s Lullaby puzzle. Trefl has been doing its best to satisfy the tastes and expectations of puzzle lovers. Made with high quality and environmentally friendly materials. 1000 pieces. Approx. 68 cm x 48 cm, 27 in x 19 in Trefl Puzzles, Drazenka Kimpel[…]

Piper's Lullaby puzzle Toys Games
Piper’s Lullaby
Pirates Jr. Hide & Seek puzzle Toys Games
Pirates Jr. Hide