Perilous Pipes Puzzle

Perilous Pipes

Perilous Pipes puzzle. Popular Playthings Age: 8+ Welcome to Perilous Pipes, the plugged up pipe puzzle! The Goal: Choose challenge from the booklet and locate the pipe pieces as shown. Then completly fill the base with the remaining pipe pieces, making sure there are no empty holes. The Challenges: There are 50 pipe placing challenges arranged easy to hard. So what are you waiting for? Start pipe fitting! Contents: Perilous Pipes Base15 Puzzle Pieces Challen[…]

Perilous Pipes puzzle Toys Games
Perilous Pipes
Periscopes puzzle Toys Games

Permanent Puzzle Conserver. Puzzle Conserver Permanent Puzzle Conserver Permanent is specifically designed for all Ravensburger puzzles, allowing you to glue and hang up your puzzle. The finished puzzle is then sealed and preserved so that the colours retain their brilliance. The liquid glue can be applied directly to the picture surface with the bottle s sponge applicator for even distribution. After just one hour the conserver is dry and your puzzle will be read[…]

Permanent Puzzle Conserver puzzle Toys Games
Permanent Puzzle Conserver
Perpetual Puzzles Brilliant Beetles puzzle Toys Games
Perpetual Puzzles Brilliant

Perplexus Epic puzzle. You’ve mastered the Original, can you beat the new Perplexus Epic? Navigate the steel ball along the tracks, through 125 barriers of varying difficulty as you try to defy gravity. With gnarly new twists, turns and barriers, Perplexus Epic provides hours of challenging, three dimensional fun. Flip, twist and turn the sphere to solve the puzzle Easy to play but challenging to complete Improves hand-eye coordination and spatial relations […]

Perplexus Epic puzzle Toys Games
Perplexus Epic
Perplexus Rebel (Rookie) puzzle Toys Games
Perplexus Rebel Rookie

Perspecto puzzle. Logical analysis comes into play while players attempt to reconstruct 3D structures based on 2D horizontal flat views. The game becomes really intense as you reach the upper levels. Include 55 different challenges. Perspecto of the Architecto line, which consists of 4 exquisite games of spatial visualization. In these games, players progress at their own rhythm, as puzzles gradually become more challenging. All games include the same se[…]

Perspecto puzzle Toys Games
Perspektiv 1 puzzle Toys Games
Perspektiv 1