Night Shift Puzzle

Night Shift

Night Shift puzzle. This difficult puzzle is designed by Reiche from Germany.The objective is to mix all the pieces up and then try to build 5 squares, each in different color. very attractive and entertaining puzzle![…]

Night Shift puzzle Toys Games
Night Shift
Nightmare Box puzzle Toys Games
Nightmare Box

The Nightmare puzzle. unique, well crafted wooden puzzle designed by European designer Reiche. Very hard! Wood colors may vary.

The Nightmare puzzle Toys Games
The Nightmare
The Obelisk puzzle Toys Games
The Obelisk

Nimm 2 puzzle. The goal of this packing puzzle by Jean-Claude Constantin is to put 2 screws in each of the 5 rows; vertical and horizontal. Made in laser-cut wood by Jean-Claude Constantin. Jean-Claude Constantin lives in Germany, where he designs and manufactures many different wood and metal puzzle, as well as magic tricks.

Nimm 2 puzzle Toys Games
Nimm 2
No Connections puzzle Toys Games
No Connections

No Connections Small Version puzzle. No Connections is an interesting and popular puzzle. Goal: Arrange the pegs #1-8 such that no consecutive numbers touch on any connecting line; ie,1 cannot connect with 2;2 cannot connect with 1 or 3; 5 cannot connect with 4 or 6; etc…Its an intriguing puzzle as it sucks people in…. it looks so easy and once you get started on it, its difficult to put down as you always seem on the verge of solving it! May look easy, but look out, i[…]

No Connections Small Version puzzle Toys Games
No Connections Small
No Fit Premium with Cover puzzle Toys Games
No Fit Premium