Joyous Season Puzzle, SunsOut

Joyous Season

Joyous Season puzzle. SunsOut quality puzzles that are eco-friendly with soy-based inks on recycled board. 1000 Pieces. Approx. 23 in x 28 in Made in USA, SunsOut, Nicky Boehme[…]

Joyous Season puzzle Toys Games
Joyous Season
JP Lock Holz puzzle Toys Games
JP Lock Holz

Juha 2 puzzle. The JUHA series was developed in the 1990s by designer Juha Levonen. All puzzles in the series are very difficult. In order to solve the puzzle, some rotation and sliding of the pieces is required, which is unusual in assembly puzzles and makes the solution quite bit more difficult. Five different pieces form cube that is 4 units by 4 units by 4 units. Designed by Juha Levonen and made in Samena wood by Philos. Philos is German puzzle m[…]

Juha 2 puzzle Toys Games
Juha 2
Jungendstil puzzle Toys Games

Jungle Follies 6 inch puzzle. Puzzle Pieces: 60 numbered plastic molded piecesUnicorn EnterprisesSize of puzzle when completed: Approximately 6 in, 15 cm Age: 6+ Includes: Puzzle Stand and an Assembly Guide[…]

Jungle Follies 6 inch puzzle Toys Games
Jungle Follies 6
Jungle Hide & Seek puzzle Toys Games
Jungle Hide Seek

Junior Puzzle. The objective of this junior version puzzle is to make 3×3 flat square grid using the nine pieces, which are attractively stacked on round base and secured by black screw. The cut-outs and protrusions on each puzzle piece make Puzzle more difficult to solve. Made in laser-cut wood by Siebenstein-Spiele. Based in Munster, Germany, Siebenstein-Spiele was founded in 1992. Although the company is mainly known for board games, Siebenstein-[…]

Junior Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
Junior Puzzle
Just Add Water puzzle Toys Games
Just Add Water