Jigsaw The Rooster Puzzle

The Rooster

The Rooster puzzle. The JaCaRou project was born of Anie Maltais’ passion for jigsaw puzzles. Having some knowledge of drawing and graphic arts, she began to create images that she felt would be good puzzle illustrations. Driven to bring these images to life, she found manufacturer to produce the puzzles and that is how JaCaRou Puzzles was born! Bursting with rich colors[…]

The Rooster puzzle Toys Games
The Rooster
The Saguenay Fjord puzzle Toys Games
The Saguenay Fjord

Roses puzzle. You don’t have to go to the florist to enjoy delectable assortment of flowers! These roses will never fade! Recipe included on the back of the box. Strong high-quality puzzle pieces. Made from recycled board and printed with vegetable based ink. This superior quality puzzle will delight and educate all at the same time. 1000 pieces. 19.25 in x 26.75 in, 49 cm x 68 cm Made in USA by Eurographics.

Roses puzzle Toys Games
Roses Seed Catalogue Collection puzzle Toys Games
Roses Seed Catalogue

Flower Rotational Puzzle Kit. This kit contains parts of the composition of the three variants of the Flower puzzle, from the easiest to the hardest. Versions, are color-graded so that the easiest is easy enough to be solved by those who never solved Rubik’s cube. Most complex version of Puzzle has twelve colors and it will test the spatial thinking of the puzzler, because it has the same color around the outer circumference of five pins. Simple version, therefore o[…]

Flower Rotational Puzzle Kit puzzle Toys Games
Flower Rotational Puzzle
Logic Star Rotational Puzzle Kit puzzle Toys Games
Logic Star Rotational
Puzzle Kit

Globall Rotational Puzzle. The Globall is made with high quality plastic. The object of Puzzle is to scramble up all of the colors and then return it back to its original starting position. Although Puzzle has 12 rotating axes, there are only 6 different colors, which can make it quite difficult to solve. Puzzle is unique because any piece can be interchanged with any other piece, as they are all the same shape. The Globall is manufactured by Hryahlavolamy.

Globall Rotational Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
Globall Rotational Puzzle
Logic Star Rotational Puzzle puzzle Toys Games
Logic Star Rotational