Jigsaw Rainbow Skull Puzzle

Rainbow Skull

Rainbow Skull puzzle. The JaCaRou project was born of Anie Maltais’ passion for jigsaw puzzles. Having some knowledge of drawing and graphic arts, she began to create images that she felt would be good puzzle illustrations. Driven to bring these images to life, she found manufacturer to produce the puzzles and that is how JaCaRou Puzzles was born! Bursting with rich colors[…]

Rainbow Skull puzzle Toys Games
Rainbow Skull
Rainbow Ring puzzle Toys Games
Rainbow Ring

Rainbowline Fairies Queen Of The Night Fairies puzzle. Stunning and colorful fairy art with rainbow foil stamping accents. The Lafayette commitment to excellence: Quality photography deserves quality color treatment. Our color system maximizes the intensity of images to produce puzzles with the finest definition. With uniquely shaped, fully interlocking pieces, our puzzles are made with quality materials that give them sturdy, lay-flat finish. The high standards we set will allow you to enj[…]

Rainbowline Fairies Queen Of The Night Fairies puzzle Toys Games
Rainbowline Fairies Queen
Of The Night
Rainbowline Fairies Sky Fairy puzzle Toys Games
Rainbowline Fairies Sky

Ugly Produce Rainbow Carrot Path puzzle. This 300 piece puzzle by artist, Sarah Phillips known for food photography, depicts rainbow of carrots. 300 Over-sized Pieces. Approx. 24 in x 18 in, 61 cm x 46 cm Artist: Sarah PhillipsBrand: Ceaco[…]

Ugly Produce Rainbow Carrot Path puzzle Toys Games
Ugly Produce Rainbow
Carrot Path
Rainbow puzzle Toys Games

Royal Flush Alder puzzle. Can you make Royal Flush on every row, every column, and the 2 major diagonals? unique design from Phil Janelle of Creative Crafthouse. There are 9 precision cut pieces made of 1/4 thick alder wood. The pieces are deeply laser engraved with the card designations. Inserting them properly to make the Royal Flush is no easy task! Puzzle would be rated hard level 3 or low level 4 with good solution time of 30, 45 minutes. There is no pain[…]

Royal Flush Alder puzzle Toys Games
Royal Flush Alder
Rubik's Triamid puzzle Toys Games
Rubik’s Triamid