IcoSoku Jr. Puzzle

IcoSoku Jr.

IcoSoku Jr. puzzle. IcoSoKu Jr. is math-based puzzle that will have your kids happily crunching numbers. Your pint-size puzzler will use basic addition to get started, but it will take focus and strategy to make the whole puzzle add up. The numbers can be re-arranged to create thousands of challenges. The possibilities are endless! How to play:1. Remove all 20 tiles and place the yellow pegs anywhere on the ball.2. Snap the white tiles on the ball around t[…]

IcoSoku Jr. puzzle Toys Games
IcoSoku Jr.
IcoSoku puzzle Toys Games

Identity IV puzzle. Identity IV is thought and puzzle game made of wood. In thirteen steps, the four identical components can be puzzled out of the frame and back in. Only one solution is possible. Playing time: 10, 20 minutesObjective: Spatial thinking[…]

Identity IV A puzzle Toys Games
Identity IV
Identtrick puzzle Toys Games

Ich Bin Ein Berliner puzzle. Puzzle consists of 9 puzzle pieces in the shape of bear, 1 square piece and 1 oval frame. There are two tasks to solve: 1) Place all nine bears in the frame. 2) Place all the bears and the square in the frame. The pieces have to lie flat on the playing field and may not overlap or rest on the side of the frame. Made of MDF wood. Philos is German puzzle manufacturer that started in 1996 as manufacturer and distributor of toys. They make […]

Ich Bin Ein B├Ąrliner puzzle Toys Games
Ich Bin Ein
Illuminated Bridge Christine Genest puzzle Toys Games
Illuminated Bridge Christine

Illustrated Periodic Table of the Elements puzzle. The complete Illustrated periodic table of the elements, now in fun and colorful puzzle Format 1000 pieces. 19.25 in x 26.75 in, 49 cm x 68 cm Made in USA by Eurographics.

Illustrated Periodic Table of the Elements puzzle Toys Games
Illustrated Periodic Table
of the Elements
Impossible Joint puzzle Toys Games
Impossible Joint